Happylab for Start-ups & Founders

At Happylab you can find a professional machine park, co-working space, technical know-how and a supportive community to implement your ideas. On March 10, 2023 at our Maker Start-up Day, we provide insights into our 900 m2 innovation workshop in the middle of Vienna and answer your questions about prototyping and product development!

Maker Start-up Day on March 10th, 2023

On Friday, March 10, 2023, at our Maker Start-up Day, together with start-ups from the community we will give (prospective) founders - and anyone who might want to become one - insights into our 900 m2 innovation workshop in the middle of Vienna!

Not only will we talk about the various manufacturing technologies in our makerspace and their fields of application for start-ups, but we'll also answer questions about prototyping and implementing your own product idea.

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Group memberships for Teams

Additional member cards for further persons can be booked for every membership at -50% of the rate!

You share the membership incl. all coins, reservation etc. and can work together or independently on the machines in Happylab. The entire costs are easily settled via one account. Additional member cards can be booked immediately upon registration or later in the Happylab Member Portal to an existing membership.

Starter24/7 access to the lab
500 Coins
1 free reservations per day
pro Monat
Maker24/7 access to the lab
1.500 Coins
1 free reservations per day
pro Monat
Pro24/7 access to the lab & Co-Working
7.500 Coins
5 free reservations per day
pro Monat
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