European School of Makers

The European School of Makers is a cooperation of nine Fab Labs in Central Europe with the aim of providing exciting workshops for digital fabrication.

From October 2018 to January 2019, more than 30 free workshops will be offered at nine locations in nine European countries. We are pleased to offer the following workshops as part of the FabLabNet project:

Fab Lab Bootcamp

In the Fab Lab Bootcamp participants acquire the basics of digital fabrication - starting with the construction of three-dimensional models on the computer right up to using 3D printer, Laser Cutter, CNC milling machine and Vinyl Cutter. "Fab Lab Bootcamp" therefore offers the perfect introduction into the world of digital fabrication.

Date: 16.11. - 23.11.2018
Location: Happylab Wien

DIY chocolate molds

Get ready for a sweet surprise! In this workshop we will use the the vacuum forming machine at Happylab to create unique chocolate bars. The workshop will give an introduction in the field of molding and casting. Participants design their individual chocolate bars and learn how to use the vacuum forming machine to realize their project.

Date: 30.11.2018 14:00 - 18:00
Location: Happylab Wien

Introduction to 3D printing

This workshop will give you insights into the world of 3D printing and teach you all you need to know to make your 3D dreams come true. The workshops starts with an introduction to different 3D printing techniques (FFF, SLA/DLP, SLS) and possible applications. Participants will design their own christmas ornaments in TinkerCAD and learn how to use the Formlabs Form2 SLA 3D printer. In the end participants will get an expert’s perspective on future prospects of the emerging field of 3D printing.

Date: 15.12.2018 10:00 - 15:00
Location: Happylab Wien


Looking for the perfect packaging and presentation of your product or service? In this workshop you will develop your own cost-effective packaging solution together with packaging expert Thomas Holota. The workshops starts with an introduction to packaging design and the different types of packaging. Participants will then learn the basics to design their own packaging (dimension, material, cost-effectiveness etc.). By experimenting with different materials they will come up with their first prototype that they can realize with the digital fabrication tools at the Lab.

Date: 18.01.2019 14:00 - 18:00
Location: Happylab Wien

FURTHER Workshops

Further workshops can be booked directly with the partners of the FabLabNet project. An overview of the courses is available at: