Fab Box

"Happylab on Tour" - Rent a "Fab Box" for your school! Happylab brings 3D printers, Vinyl Cutters & Co. in schools and youth centers and organizes workshops on digital fabrication tools in all of Austria.

Mobile Workshops in all of Austria

With the slogan "Happylab on Tour" experts from Happylab hit the road and take 3D printers, Vinyl Cutters & Co. to schools in all of Austria. The workshops take place directly in classrooms or youth centers and offer kids and teenagers hands-on experiences with digital fabrication tools. Under professional guidance they create  self-printed T-Shirts, own 3D models or electronic musical instruments ("drawdios"). During these workshops we give the kids and teenagers an understanding of modern fabrication techniques and point out new professional fields.

The mobile Fab Box aims to reach regions without an own Fab Lab and provides insights into the world of digital fabrication all over Austria.

Fab Boxes & Prices

Happylab offers "Fab Boxes" on different topics:

  • "3D printer - Create your own things": Kids and teenagers first create their own 3D models on the computer and then immediately print them out with the 3D printer.
  • "2D design - Create and print your own T-Shirt": In this workshop kids create their self-printed T-shirts.
  • "Drawdio - Music out of a pencil": In only a few steps kids build "Drawdios", electronic musical instruments. 

Workshop duration ist about 3 hours. There is no prior knowledge required. Maximum attendees is 24. The workshops can be held either in the Happylab or at your site. A Workshop costs € 339 (at Happylab) or € 449 (at your place within the city of Vienna or Salzburg). Additionally we charge € 5 per participants for consumables.

Computers can be rented together with our Fab Boxes for € 5 per laptop per day plus shipping costs.


    Our "Fab Boxes" can be rented for schools and youth centers in all over Austria:

    Tel.: +43 1 3084666-0

    E-Mail: info@happylab.at

    Die "Fab Boxen" sind ein Projekt von INNOC und Happylab in Kooperation mit dem Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft, Familie und Jugend.