Since November 2010 Happylab in Vienna is Austria's first "Fab Lab". In autumn 2014 we will open our second location in Salzburg, more locations are being planned. If you know a suitable location for the next Happylab in your neighbourhood, please let us know!


Happylab - Fab Lab Vienna was opened in November 2010 and is since Austria's first "Fab Lab": On a total of 250 m2 many digital fabrication machines and regular tools are provided. Every Wednesday (workdays) at 7 pm we're hosting a tour through Happylab - especially for first-time visitors!

Haussteinstraße 4/2
A-1020 Wien

Tel.: +43 1 3084666 - 0
Fax: +43 1 3084666 - 90
Email: info@happylab.at


In autumn 2014 we will open our second Happylab location in Salzburg!

Linz, Graz

Being Planned. We will update you through our e-mail newsletter or our facebook page.